R & D Team

Foresight sets up a R&D and design team consisting of talents from electrochemistry, mechanics, electrical electronics, informatics and other interdisciplinary fields led by the national Thousand Talents Programexperts. The team has 7 senior engineers, 6 with doctoral degrees and 7 with master's degrees. It has sufficient reserve of talents and technicians as it partners with prestigious universities and research institutes in China for cooperation. The leading researchers of Foresight have undertaken a number of projects in ”National funding Science and Technology Programs“ and gained rich experience in R&D . They completed the development of several major projects and products such as hydrogen fuel cell engines with different power ranges, fuel cell emergency/backup power systems, and vehicle-used fuel cell modules. Their extensive knowledge of prototype development, test platform, equipment design, standard drafting and preparation adds much to the building of our sustainable research and development capabilities.

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