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  • Company incorporated

    ● China's first vehicle-used fuel cell stack for range extender with 7kw power output was successfully developed.
    ● China's first self-developed prototype of the fuel cell backup power for telecommunication branch was successfully launched.

  • More than 200 stacks were used in Shanghai World Expo and fuel cell bus demonstration operation for Guangzhou Asian Games last 200 days

    ● The world's largest scale and longest demonstration operation of vehicle fuel cell on real roads, with cumulative driving distance 579,000 km and maximum mileage of single bus 9,736 km.
    ● China's first self-developed fuel cell emergency/backup power for telecommunication using was put into trial operation at Shanghai Telecom base station.
    ● Tongji University-Foresight Fuel Cell Joint Lab was established

  • Ground breaking of new factory in Kunshan High-tech Zone

    ● Ground breaking of new factory covering 42 mus(about 7 acres) under the support of Kunshan City Government and Kunshan High-tech Zone
    ● Obtained the National High-tech Enterprise Qualification
    ●The world's (China’s) first 30kw fuel cell emergency generator for telecommunication was successfully developed
    ● The company passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

  • 10 sets offuel cell emergency/backup power were in operation

    ● Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology,paid a visit to the working site of fuel cell emergency/backup power station and Kunshan factory
    ● Kunshan factory was completed and put into use
    ● Fangsheng Equity Investment Fund took a stake in the company
    ● The company under takes the special project of transforming scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province

  • China's first bipolar automated production line was put into production

    ● Foresight passed ISO14000 environmental system certification
    ● Products unveiled at Hannover Messe and the 15th International Industry Fair
    ● Fuel cell emergency/backup power were certified by TTL Lab and CE

  • The top engineers of the company were recognized as the “innovative and entrepreneurial talent team” in Jiangsu Province.

    ● Foresight under takes the national demonstration project of 100 sets of fuel cell emergency/backup power.
    ● Cooperation with SAIC to develop stack for passenger cars
    ● Ranked the seventh place in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Final

  • Listed in the New Third Board market (stock code: 834626)

    ● China’s largest online operation network of fuel cell emergency/backup power was built and more than 120 Foresight products were operated online.
    ● China’s first rental service business model with China Mobile(shanghai) for fuel cell emergency/backup power was set up
    ● 12kw vehicle-used fuel cell engine were announced in the national bulletin.

  • Started cooperation with Weichal power and Weichai became shareholder of foresight

    ● Foresight passed the TL9000 system certification
    ● Foresight fuel cell engine were displayed onnational Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition
    ● 25kw fuel cell engine passed the test by national certification center.

  • The 30kw fuel cell engine passed the test by national certification center.and were applied to various models such as Asia Star Bus, Shaanxi Heavy-duty Sprinklers and Ankai CMB buses.

    ● Stack module and fuel cell power system were certified as National High-tech Products
    ● Invited to become the member of the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
    ● Fuel cell series products made a debut at 2018 Weichai Business Conference

  • 30kW fuel cell system in volume production

    ● 30kW fuel cell system put into volume production
    ● passed IATF16949 certification
    ● undertook the project “Key Technology of Development and Manufacturing of Standardized fuel cell Stacks” of the national funding program of new energy vehicles

  • 10th Anniversary of Foresight
    New product release of 80kW fuel cell stack
    Small batch delivery of 45kW fuel cell engines

    ● The engineering prototype of 76kW fuel cell stack module was released
    ● The 60kW fuel cell power system won the Excellent Innovation Technology and Product Award in the "Major Innovation Technology and Product Catalog of Key New Energy Automobile Companies in Jiangsu Province"
    Undertake the hydrogen fuel cell research and development tasks related to the key research and development plan of Jiangsu Province

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