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Foresight Energy, an energy equipment and solution provider focusing on “Efficient Utilization of Hydrogen Energy”, ranges its business from the fuel cell technology as the core tothe distributed energy system and value-added service characterized by energy terminal management platform. As a national high-tech enter prise recognized forits leading fuel cell technology and ability to provide comprehensive energy solutions, it was listed on the New Third Boardmarket (China's over-the-counter (OTC) market) with code 834626.Foresight is the largest producer of self-developed fuel cell products in China.

Foresight develops fuel cell products on the national leading level, and have the full abilities in terms of design, development, testing, evaluation and manufacturing of key components (stacks) and systems. foresight has participated in various R&D projects of Fuel cell related national funding program. The product was deployed in the demonstration program of fuel cell vehicles in Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade. In collaboration with the three major telecommunication operators in China, Foresight launched the largest scale demonstration of communication industry-used fuel cells. From its long time product development and operation, Foresight gained abundant experience in R&D,and established a full-fledged management team and R&D team. The company has applied for nearly 200 patents, with 100 national patents granted, of which 32 were invention patents.

Foresight establishes two product development platforms for fuel cellengine and for stationary power generation systems and offers three types of products that are fuel cell modules, fuel cell engines for vehicles and stationary fuel cell power systems. The products have applied in passenger cars, logistics vehicles, special vehicles, tour cars, tele-communication backup power supplies and other fields. Our customers include Ankai,Jiangsu Aoxin, Asiastar, Shaanxi Heavy Truck, China Mobile etc.

Foresight has forged close cooperation with international and national leading enterprises to jointly build the industrial chain of hydrogen energy fuel cells, to develop fuel cell vehicle products, and to expand the products application fields. In the future, based on independent innovation and leveraging advantageous resources, we will continue to lead the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology in China and create the sustainable future for hydrogen energy.


Foresight, afuel cell products design, development and application integration for erunner in China, is the largest producer of multiple series of designed and developed fuel cell products. Its products meet power requirements from3KW to 200KW and have seensuccessful applications in auto mobility industry and station ary power generation.              
It has the independent development capability of fuel cell stack module and its key components, and fuel cell engine and its key components.
Since 2010, Foresight has deployed more than 100 sets of communication fuel cell productsin China's communication networks, which leads the scale of application. The data obtained in this process contributed to Foresight’s participation in compiling thenational and industry standards.
Over the years,Foresight has established a relatively complete supply chain of key components, and gainedobvious advantages in comprehensive cost.
With the leading production and testing facility in china, Foresight can quickly respond to market demand by adjusting or expanding its production abilities.

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